We will remember them

Just because I’m anti-war (and I am) does not mean I’m anti-troops. I’m not a jingoistic, flag-waver either but I show my respect and I’m thankful for the sacrifices people made.

My Grandad served in WWII and was always full of stories of his overseas adventures. I’m sure he had some less palatable tales of his time in the forces but he never shared those. He was a motorcycle courier and lost a toe due to some fancy stunt driving avoiding enemy fire.

While I support and understand those that do, I choose not to wear a poppy at this time of year because, while others are still currently involved in a pointless conflict, I find it hard to feel like the dead are truly being honoured. In my opinion, the best way to honour them would be to stop allowing politicians to send yet more young men and women to die while washing their hands of the ones that do come back to us injured and/or emotionally scarred. Talk (and poppies) are cheap, all the Rememberance Day services in the world mean nothing if people are still dying needlessly and their sacrifice being dishonoured by not providing their returning comrades with the care they need and deserve.

Happily (I wouldn’t be here otherwise!), my Grandad made it home safe (and relatively unscathed), going on to raise his children, see his grandchildren grow up and have a few more adventures along the way. He died last year, aged 90 after a short illness but a long, full life.

This blog, such as it is, is for the servicemen and women who never had that chance to enjoy all the wonderful things life has to offer on the road to reaching such a grand old age. I thank them for their bravery and sacrifice, but, please, let there not be any more.

“My friend, you would not tell with such high zest
To children ardent for some desperate glory,
The old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est
Pro patria mori”

Wilfred Owen
8 October 1917 – March, 1918


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