Investing In The Not Quite Dead

I don’t have a stock portfolio to speak of, I’ve got an ISA and some premium bonds but that’s about the size of my financial investments. My Dad (Working Lunch‘s biggest fan and compulsive checker of Teletext’s share price pages), is always less than impressed at my disinterest in his favourite hobby.

But now I’ve made an investment which I look forward to dropping into any relevant conversation (cue my Dad shaking his head in exasperated disappointment) – I’ve become a movie producer (*breaks out big fat cigar*). But not just any movie, a movie about a subject very close to my heart (no, NOT food!) – zombies!

OK, so there isn’t a financial return (that’s not the point!) but I do get to help an aspiring film-maker realise his dream, along with a version of the finished film and (something that has been on my ‘bucket list’ for a long time) the chance to be a zombie extra during filming.

The brains (or should that be – “Braaaaains!”?) behind this movie (Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead) and the epic fundraising venture is a guy called A. D. Lane (@Indywoodfilms) who is either the most dedicated bloke I’ve ever come across or totally bonkers (or perhaps a lovely mixture of both 🙂 ). He practically lives on Twitter (when he’s not jaunting off to Bulgaria to film or following Wheatus around) where he is doing his best to raise the cash to bring his dream to life with some truly epic Tweetathons.

He’s already got a lot of support (financial and figurative) but could always do with more. And what better incentive than a free movie and the chance to get your Romero on and eat some brains* (*no actual brains will be eaten during filming)?! Producer packages start from just a tenner (and go alllllllll the way up to 5k) and you can donate by PayPal.

Whaddya think? Have you come over all Duncan Bannatyne (*pulls a face*)? Are you in? Check out the Indywood website  and the teaser trailer below.


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