Women Are Like Teabags…..

Recently my friend split up with her long-term partner and is still dealing with the myriad of, both emotional and practical, effects of the relationship breakdown. Having known this lady almost all my life, even I am surprised with the brave and resolute way she has weathered the storm. I think, however, that my friend would be the first to point out that no-one has been more surprised than herself.

Eleanor Roosevelt supposedly said, “Women are like teabags, we don’t know our true strength until we are in hot water.”. If you’re going through a tough time and feel things will never get better, just look around you, your friends will give you inspiration (I know mine has – I’m storing it up for when I might need it!). You’ll come out the other side stronger than ever before (and perhaps tasting of tea!).


A Marriage of Two Halves

When I was 8 or 9 I went on holiday with my parents to Disney World where I met a girl who had the same camera as me (but a different colour). During a ‘breakfast with the stars’ (Mickey, Minnie, Donald et al) we sussed each other out and, for some reason, decided we quite liked each other – she had a talking bike, what wasn’t to love?! 😉

Many birthday parties, play fights, holidays, sleepovers, letters (before the advent of email, which has saved countless trees!), the odd drunken night out, the occasional argument, the writing of the best supernatural murder mystery film never made and a three weeks of madness ‘working’ on the UK tour of an Aussie band later, we are still, somehow, friends. Well, last week my old mate married her ‘other’ best buddy who, for reasons best known to himself, also shares her (as a Leeds fan, I should say ‘unhealthy’) interest in (among many other things) a certain South Yorkshire football team.

I was slightly disappointed there was no rendition of ‘Rovers Till I Die’ during the church service but I’ve got to say the beautiful cake made the point in much classier (and tastier!) fashion.

I resisted making my own speech, despite making threats to the contrary. It was probably for the best. While my friend and I have a million and one private jokes that have the capacity to render us immobile with laughter, I think reciting even a select few to a crowd of ‘innocents’ wouldn’t have been much good to anyone. Needless to say, if I had made a speech it would have been full of warm wishes for the future, lots of love (despite the bride and groom’s embargo on ‘soppy stuff’) and thanks for a lovely day. Oh, and probably some smut. *Clears throat* – ‘Marriage for men is much like a game of football. With skill and stamina you can last the distance. But dirty tackle will almost always get you sent off for an early bath!’. I’m sure her Mum would have just looooooved that!

On a more personal note, while it’s super fabulous that a lot of my friends are getting married (THREE weddings this month!), it means my own engagement ring is sparkling all the more accusingly at me. It’s been on my finger for over a year and we haven’t so much as set a date. I wonder if I may be more inspired to organise my own nuptials by the close of this month *looks for flying pigs* .