Gribble-tinted spectacles

A week or so ago, my man and I went to see Saw 3D at Hull’s super snazzy, all singing, all dancing, digital extravaganza of a cinema, Vue in Prince’s Quay. Being 3D, we were given our glasses on the way in. Observant and gobby as ever, when I noted smears and streaks on the glasses, I pointed it out to the member of staff who told me that the glasses were ‘recycled’ but, she emphasised, are cleaned after each use. I’m big on reducing, reusing and recycling, so, in principle, I’m happy with this idea. However, the ‘gribble’ (a word I use to describe general muck – perhaps made up, I’m not sure) made me wonder just how well they are actually cleaned (if they are really cleaned at all!). If Vue has some kind of dishwasher/steamer, that’s magic. But if it’s a disinterested member of staff with a bit of washing-up liquid and a scabby dishcloth, I’m going to have serious reservations as to how well the job is done – I’ve seen some people’s idea of cleaning and it isn’t mine by a long shot.

As it happens, I had some anti-bacterial/anti-virus wipes (a win – more on those in future blogs no doubt) in my bag, so they got a good going over with that. The fact that mine had – wait for it – teethmarks on the arms made me feel a little bit queasy to be honest. I’m no clean freak by any stretch of the imagination, but, having had Norovirus a few years ago, I take reasonable steps to try to make sure I never get it (or anything like it) ever again.

I’ve heard that some cinemas give you a new pair each time and others (Cineworld I think) allow you to buy a pair to keep. 3D cinema seems to be getting more prevalent and, while I can take it or leave it to be honest (I think my eyes must be wired up wrong, I don’t find 3D particularly impressive at all), if it’s going to be more commonplace there should be some guidelines/reassurances when it comes to the hygiene of the glasses we have to wear (and pay more for too, don’t forget!).

I suppose it’s only the same as re-using cutlery in a restaurant but the fact that these glasses didn’t look clean at all is what made me think. I’d MUCH rather have my own pair, or perhaps the reusable ones should be supplied with a little anti-bac wipe? I dunno. I tweeted Vue about the issue, and they suggested I contact customer services. I had a, fairly swift, acknowledgement email from the manager of Hull Vue with an assurance that he’d look into it and get back to me shortly. I’m still waiting but I’ll let you know the upshot, if there is one.