‘Sup Cakes?

Who fancies a game? It’s easy, just a little game of ‘What’s Wrong With This Picture’. Below is a photo of some cupcakes that were delivered to my house.

Did you get it? I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s a definite air of ‘not quite right’ to this offering. Perhaps it’s the mangled butterflies (the one with just a single wing is particularly graceful) or the skillful way the cakes have not just been squashed from above, but also from the sides – now that’s craftmanship!

What makes this delivery even more ridiculous is that they were sent (along with a bottle of wine, which arrived intact but that I’m still a bit scared to drink lest it actually be old Ribena) as compensation for a previous cock-up where my OH’s mum had received the wrong design (and amount) of cakes. To confuse matters (and the MIL) further, the accompanying greeting card which should have conveyed birthday felicitations, love and best wishes from my OH, myself and the cat (yes, the cat!) was actually signed from ‘Barry and Paula’. As you can see, the Glasgow based bakers (who are a top result when searching Google for ‘Cupcake delivery’) really pulled out all the stops to rectify their mistake and renew their good name. I do recognise and appreciate the generous gesture of apology (the cakes and delivery should have cost £30+), but I have to speculate if it would have been more constructive if the goods hadn’t arrived looking like they’d been made by a work experience boy with the artistic flair of a plant pot and delivered by a nervous Parkinson’s sufferer on a space hopper.

While I’ve not complained a second time (in all honesty, having tasted the cakes, I really don’t want any more), I’ll be looking elsewhere if I require similar in the future. Or maybe I’ll just bake and deliver them myself.